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Ultra Large Tempered Glass is really a type of prestressed glass. In an effort to boost the strength of the glass, chemical or physical procedures are generally implemented to form compressive pressure around the surface on the glass. When the glass is subjected to external force, the surface tension is primary offset, thereby enhancing the bearing capability and improving the resistance in the glass itself. Wind strain, cold and heat, effect and so on.

Sizzling dip treatment can also be named homogenization remedy, normally referred to as 'detonation'. The sizzling dip remedy is always to heat the tempered glass to 290 ° C &plus mn; 10 ° C, and keep it for a certain period of time, so that the nickel sulphide can quickly complete the crystal phase transformation in the tempered glass, so that the Laminated glass for sale that could be self-explosive after the original use is artificially broken in advance in the factory. In the sizzling dip furnace, therefore reducing the self-explosion on the tempered glass in use after installation. This method generally uses scorching air as a heating medium, which is identified as 'HeatSoakTest' in foreign countries, referred to as HST, and is literally translated as sizzling dip.

In principle, sizzling dip treatment is neither complicated nor difficult. But in fact achieving this process is very difficult. Studies have shown that there are many specific chemical structural formulas of nickel sulfide in glass, such as Ni7S6, iS, NiS1.01, etc., not only the proportion of various components are different, but also may be doped with other elements. The phase change speed is highly dependent around the temperature. Studies have shown that the phase transition rate at 280 ° C is 100 times that at 250 ° C, so it must be ensured that each piece of glass in the furnace experiences the same temperature regime. Otherwise, around the one hand, the glass with low temperature is not enough for the holding time, and the nickel sulfide cannot completely change phase, which reduces the effect of sizzling dip. For the other hand, when the glass temperature is too high, it may even cause reverse phase transformation from the nickel sulfide, causing a greater hidden danger. Both of these conditions can cause scorching dip treatment method to be laborious and even counterproductive. The uniformity of temperature during hot-dip furnace operation is so important, and the temperature difference in the furnace of most domestic hot-dip furnaces is even 60 °C during hot-dip insulation. It is not uncommon for foreign imported furnaces to have a temperature difference of about 30 °C. Therefore, although some tempered glass is treated by sizzling dip, the self-explosion rate is still high.

Although the Heat Soaked Glass does not guarantee that self-explosion will never occur, it does reduce the occurrence of self-explosion and solves the self-explosion problem that plagues the engineering parties. Therefore, sizzling dip is by far the most effective approach to completely remedy the problem of self-explosion in the world.

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