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Create and execute test cases for the radio access network

Organize the field trials of the new network

Provide support and guidance to customers for operations and maintenance of network elements

Monitor the network security plan

Perform a network analyzer test with other tools for its performance

Coordinate the communications between customer, operation team, and field support system

Education Requirements for a RAN Technical Support Engineer:

In order to become successful in this field, you will need to have the proper education. A degree in computer science, information technology, wireless technology networking, or a related field is required. A certification in networking helps with career advancement.

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In the Telecom world, the Switchman, otherwise known as the Switch technician, typically installs, maintains, troubleshoots and repairs the cabled devices present at the client or customer network site.

These technicians carry out maintenance on the hardware used to control the multiple and inter-connected devices related to telephone switching. Telephone switching enables the connecting of calls between two different telephone operators. This position involves the resolution of many issues related to general telecommunication. This position forms the bedrock of the Telecommunication industry.

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Resolve any hardware operating system issues and complete regular physical checks of all the equipment in the server room

Develop a tracking system to log requests, monitor progress, and track problem resolution

Identify patterns of failure and implement solutions to fix the problems

Must have a fundamental knowledge of monitoring tools and provide any needed assistance

Take up new requests and explore new opportunities to scale great heights

Should follow-up and take constant feedback to improve the affected departments

Keep track of the issues faced by internal and external customers

Follow the proper procedure to attend to the complaints logged and escalate them quickly

Make sure the organizations stick to the workstation network standards

Have adequate knowledge of technological developments in the ICT and customer care industry

Should be able to configure, support and troubleshoot Microsoft operating systems

Must support, connect and troubleshoot complex WAN and LAN environments

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To prepare and maintain documentation relating to the configuration of deployed solutions

To manage Voice/Video planning, monitoring, performance tuning and troubleshooting

To perform circuit provisioning and to perform upgrades relating to internet, voice and SIP circuits

To configure and resolve problems from one endpoint to another and across the entire corporate IT network infrastructure

To configure systems both onsite and off using remote computing technology

Educational and Certification Requirements for ShoreTel Engineers:

ShoreTel Engineers must have a degree in Computer Science, Information technology or a related discipline. Having a ShoreTel certification gives an engineer a significant boost to their career.

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Workstation PC Technician’s job responsibilities

Workstation PC Technicians should support a robust network for popular operating systems, such as Windows, macOS or Linux. They should be proficient in working with servers and PCs/laptops.

Technicians further must accept delivery of equipment and transport it to wherever it is required within the organization, including to other facilities. They must update the organization’s asset management system to account for transactions, and they must also monitor day-to-day activities, install equipment, communicate with customers relating to the provisioning of equipment, and they must replace components when necessary.

Technicians will have to troubleshoot computer peripherals and network usage, and they must install and maintain PC hardware and software, undertake data recovery and system backups, and independently fix network communication issues.

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Job Description:

While Server Administrators work primarily with servers, they also manage various other types of computing equipment that makes up part of the network. This includes PCs, mobile devices and network appliances like routers and switches. Server administrators install, configure, and maintain various types of hardware and software. This often involves creating user accounts, carrying out backup and recovery functions, and monitoring the performance of servers at all times.

As IT equipment can sometimes malfunction, server administrators need to have the ability to troubleshoot hardware and software issues on servers and other related devices. Server Administrators often work with other staff members in an organization to evaluate their technology needs, administer the network environment, set up workstations, create a database of the organization’s IT policies and document them and help train staff on the use of new technologies.

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Aruba Clearpass Network Resident Engineer Salary

According to Paysa.com, an Aruba Network Resident Engineer can expect to earn around $97,244, with a range between $89,754 at the 25th percentile to $104,094 at the 75th percentile. Top employees can expect to earn more than $111,275. The compensation is calculated from fewer than 20 profiles, including base salary, equity, and bonus. According to indeed.com, an Aruba Network Resident Engineer earns around $45,000 per year or about $25.00 per hour.

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Scope for Server Virtualization Engineers

As part of their job duties, they configure and deploy various virtualization technologies. It will allow them to become proficient in virtual infrastructure, which will be embraced by most businesses in the future as they migrate to cloud computing. The emergence of SDN (Software Defined Networking) will also give an impetus to virtualization. That is because besides being flexible, virtual servers also reduce operating costs of organizations.

Most importantly, they should be conversant with concepts, such as Hypervisor, Cloning, Hyper Convergence, Super Convergence, VM Cluster, etc.

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Server Virtualization Engineer Jobs

Evaluate System Requirements

The IT Architect must analyze existing systems to ensure that these systems provide the necessary security. These should meet the needs of the organization. They make certain that overall system performance meets client expectations. The architect must identify the business requirements and will incorporate new hardware, operating systems or connectivity solutions.

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