Thermal spray coating


Date & time Sep 23
Event ends Sep 24 '19
E-18, Rajlaxmi Sulzer Park, Thale Compound, Bombai, Sonale, Bhadwad Gaon, Sonale Village,
Creator Endurance Wear Solutions

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Endurance Wear Solutions


Thermal spray coating involves heating a material in powder or wire form to a molten or semi-molten state. The material is propelled using a stream of gas or compressed air to deposit it, creating a surface structure on a given substrate.Thermal spraying is an industrial coating process that consists of a heat source (flame or other) and a coating material in a powder or wire form which is literally melted into tiny droplets and sprayed onto surfaces at high velocity.If there is a metal problem then Endurance Wear is the ideal solution .To know more call us at 02522282911.

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