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lily Sep 10
starts work 13 main battleship, the total tonnage all adding is ander the rise than British navy 50%!I felt suspicious at that time, he American guy connected a birds to all have no on all sides, the white white spent Clay Harbor Youth Jersey money to build so many warships stem what?Feelings is to get ready and bears arms to demand repayment of debt!I see this idea quite good, simply we can also depend on!" "Ha ha." 1 inside the car compartment coaxs to smile, Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi even came out tearses and smiled to scold a way:"You are this piece of meat that roll knife, the English method dares to depend on Zhang because the United States temporarily that they have no Zhe, we originally lack money and also need to lend money a margin toward the United States, if depended on Zhang future who still believe us?" "Ha ha I be so on saying, a say."The thunder is fierce to lick lips, obviously is the plan that has already advised Yang Qiu to depend on Zhang. Xu Xiu Jun continues to Cyrus Jones Youth Jersey ask a way:"Did France so easily sell to you?Why doesn't oneself use?Noodles quite a few things are worth of here very valuable, England let one have one's own way ignore?" "How to use?How to take care of?"Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi turns over a cold stare and says:"France finishes robbing to go home a little bit pure on seeing, the equipments makes type of near half all and the industrial system don't match, so is a lot of direct heap of insolation rain sprinkle in the wasteland.England for me to put forward purchase also sends person to once hamper and also thought that the one breath buys to return to.Can their industry and Germany also not match, buying to return to same can be a garbage time stove.Italy and Japan pour is want to buy but bid too low.Afterwards I and the fruit man Be simply to seek their council chairperson, silently make people reveal news to intentionally appear on the newspaper again." "You have no good!"Xu Xiu Jun doesn't already hold the belly.This recruits too black!Purchase news and reveal to the newspaper, after intentionally letting to go up and down to know all, if French government Danny Amendola Youth Jersey still continues not to sell, and so was a direct hair violent wind to impeach government for raising money insist debit connecting the United States lending money all daring proposal's depending on parliament affirmation of Zhang will break into a furious rage and seriously order as for words that finally cause to hit a hair money also take on the hand don't come back! Although there are also Italy and Japan, can two public finance conditions of now basically loathe to give up to spend money.As for affirmation in the United States is to consider first how take European War once those USD 10,000,000,000 loan. All the way the 3 people chitchat visits Europe of interesting news and local political situation, the car also soon arrived destination.But Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi just just pushed away a car door, see David Andrews Youth Jersey Cai E and Yue Peng pull a long face to urgently and in a hurry prepare to get on the car, the in the mind Luo Mao is for a while. 3 people can all know that the root knows the good friend of bottom, this kind of facial expression he acquainted with too much and hurriedly shouted a way:"Loose ascent, son Anne!You this BE."