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lily Sep 10
Yang Qiu and Li dollar Hong shoulder shoulder to shoulder but go, he had been using this form of address while taking over the deputy president to the latter in those early years.The Li dollar Hong pours to also become accustomed to and says:"Others' aring all quite good, pouring is to have a matter.Ambassador's half month in Switzerland comes to see me and bring the message of Moscow and Greg Lloyd Youth Jersey say row rather the parties comes to 1 call add to pull the rare person comes, probably should arrive for these several days." Add to pull rare Yang Qiu to acquaint with very much, row rather of first time to China declaration be he announces of, see appearance row rather is to be really cheated by Stalin's trick, also really think that oneself has ability to sweep black pull Er to kill Moscow.However this is the good matter, also the that time waits an establishment since and Su the dialogue passage of Russia. The Li dollar Hong continues to say:"Chen China you these days is not in the Nanking, British and American representatives come to vexed old man every day and hope to reveal the affair of economic reform Hines Ward Youth Jersey to them, this helps foreigner, and the nose pours to pretty work properly." Yang Qiu smiles:"They can is careless of.Hold large numbers of gold and silvers in each foreign capital bank hand of our country, we this time discard them to the gold and silver and all lose not small.Besides still want a head to open to save reserve and foreign exchange management system, this but take out their bloods." "I don't understand these, though Chen China lets go to do and then go.Now also the nobody dared to beat us?" Yang Qiu orders intentionally and very hard:"Affirm to have no." "Ha ha."2 people Jack Butler Youth Jersey chat a sky to follow assembly hall.The president and deputy presidents arrive a future reunion argument formal beginning.Since is an economic meeting, the Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi's this republic minister of finance's nature is one of the leading roles, everyone arrives together behind he immediately to flank of the shell Zu Yi ordered to nod. The shell Zu Yi is Wu Xuan Ren in Jiangsu, take the entrance examination of southwest university for 11 years, picked out and go to the United States and study abroad for 15 years and return to country Jack Ham Youth Jersey for 19 years behind in the National Central Bank foreign exchange manage and take charge of a work, Be outstanding to be recommended Ministry of Finance by Xu Xiu Jun because of the ability, Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi visits he the whole distanceses keep company with help and deal with each affair, particularly while negotiating with American Wall Street and publishing national debt is outstanding, after coming back immediately be risen a general secretary.The first time this young young man sees arrive so many somebodies to seem to be some strain and appeared on stage still almost the nelson of Ke Ban, ask for Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi kept Nao between the eyebrows, but this also made everyone remember him. "It is the statistics of the European War period first."After getting into a topic, on the shell Zu Yi body of green puckery completely be missing, be dressed in western dress to speak contentedly, at his explain in detail a chain of economic datas be recorded down.