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lily Sep 13
saying towards involving the item of water conservancy in this time contract paying attention to particularly, :"Not the label is half of silvers to accept not to come back, the white white holds up to develop Okoyea Dickson Authentic Jersey time for few years.My suggestion is a label, you see a few flood benefit item of my noodles, is had no by ourselves don't think an opening for five years, can make first now, much more convenient." "Can all of this relate to national policy people's livelihood!If the foreigner lifts price without authorization when the time comes what of, it is can hardly for us to control."Wang Zhao Ming still keeps Pedro Baez Authentic Jersey worrying very much.But Liao Zhong Kai don't think so, counter-question a way:"Advance five years and management difficulty to compare, the quarter new elder brother feels where does more easily make up?" Wang Zhao Ming didn't answer, he also knew time is more important, after all and early constuct for five years and the night is two code matters for five years, but the but again felt too cheap Yang Qiu.He wants to know that Yang Qiu is exactly how to think most now, can the latter is together it happened that to temporary avoid Wu Chang, pull up a shell Zu that the hair didn't grow of Yi Rich Hill Authentic Jersey crest fore noodles explains contract, it is a boxing to beat cotton to deliver dint to let people feel.Contract is have to label, not label nation economy more difficult, this is need not to doubt, even all want to get into to fix to living the republic of keeping the interest development to the future decade for 20 years to say most afraid be hold up time. But does he want to know that Yang Qiu exactly betrayed what things most ?He doesn't believe this contract will be thus simple, clearly hold the real strenght that can turn over dish on the hand, but use this method be over!Can say that person to still have successor.But what is this successor ?What abacus does he exactly beat?China of rising not doesn't he is all right?Oneself and people's party of future true have no opportunity? The foreign invasion beard doesn't understand in addition to, inner part and then just reform adjustment and wait these all completion according to his way of thinking, he will take this nation walks a what road?To know after the bill, distance city's his distance is really dictatorial, even be apart from an emperor all only have an one step of Yao! Wang Zhao Ming is unwilling. At his unwilling medium, Mo root and Luo Si firewood Er the virtuous household full-fledged member arrive a Nanking, and sign with August 3 in Shanghai and Nanking government the republic economy cooperates Rob Segedin Authentic Jersey and opens agreement with foreign capital, afterwards the contract is called for contract outside the people.According to the contract, from signed that day, two silvers storage for controling all with 1:18 prices sold to Chinese government, but Chinese government then with the foreign capital lands gold after getting into to compensate this debt, Chinese government formally will include gulf in Hangzhou at the same time the several tens main category eyes, such as big vital point harbor and petroleum Ye chain in Harbin...etc. sell especially, and agree British and American in the ground construction heavy industry items.