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lily Sep 13
One the set tractor is five cows, this sentence can very the image embodiment make moves the value of handing the tractor.The physical volume is small, suitable intensive type agriculture.The rubber Greg Lloyd Youth Jersey tire suits a dry land, make change a big round of Chi iron and then can used for paddy field, can at will add plough rake to hang enclosures like Dou,etc, is still simple water pump and generator, is a kind of the highest efficiency small scaled farm implements machine, this is also that it is been included in the reason of minority of agriculture equipmentses of plan in the nation.So all the way Yang Qiu all is inquiring a circumstance in detail, also put forward stateowned subsidy purchase in the farm, the flowing water turns production and contracts for more suggestions like accessories,etc. According to his conceive, the year produces 10,000 is far and far can not meet the demands, so and then make Zheng Ting Xiang think a way with the public invitation to bid, let the private enterprise Hines Ward Youth Jersey participate in production, have to own a year to produce 50,000 scales till 1925 according to his viewpoint.For the sake of the manufacturing and the expansion, all the way everyone is studying confabulation to give decision, so anxious basic cause in fact be to agriculture of not rest assured.Along with the population increment, it is miscellaneous to hand over an etc. technique and still be placed in a research in, how ensure that the agriculture growth matters to a nation future prospect. For continuing to test, also in order to experience personally actual effect, a few abundant tractors fully spend for four hours to wait Zheng Ting Xiang whom the whole body Dian spread the person send back Jack Butler Youth Jersey Hankow, all the way because draw on too many curious about visions, really make the thunder fierce with guard the members worry fear once. Yang Qiu crumples aching shoulder just get to doorway, inside spread the boy's interjection:"Father came back." Haven't understood what is the row, small don't order and then hurtled into a bosom.Lower the head just and discover already 4-year-old big son, Yang Tian Lei, incredibly Huang Ni all over, the hand inside still leads long a root cordage, the cordage another head of Shuan wears puppy, see outward appearance be like very much Scotch sheep dog.But small guy after sailing across the ocean arrive at east affirm unexpectedly will run into a big jinx, the tongue Da pulls to have spirit have no the dint seem to be very distressed. "Is what uncle Song Jack Ham Youth Jersey sends to me, father sees."The small guy walks on air to train a day of"achievement" to Yang Qiu's demonstration.Waiting Rui precious jade to embrace a daughter after coming out can't the bond maid also talking is also clinging to puppy ah ah, see that the shape greatly have already to rent away elder brother"new sweetheart" power. "Lei in the sky come down quickly."The Rui precious jade draws back Yang Tian Lei and saw be stained with up Yang Qiu Shen full Huang Ni, rush toward Chi to say with smile:"Change a clothes quickly, son pure and loose ascent they waited you for a long time." It is said that Sung son is pure with Cai E come, Yang Qiu San's step becomes two to walk toward the den to, after coming in just see Yue Peng and Chen Hao Hui incredibly also come, 4 people point out some company to measure over against the map what.