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lily Sep 15
"Ha ha Xi son you are to more and more be like a deputy president, worked always don't forget a lane to order an advantage." Yang Du also David Peralta Authentic Jersey smiled by himself/herself:"The degree isn't a meal breeze to drink the generation of dew, didn't even intend to return concealed pastoral, although Huang Bai's thing has dirty sage but is also must of thing, one person is in a life time still such, a country wants to strengthen to be again how could is the Zai luckily?" Leaf Zu Gui agrees his standpoint, sees the United States representative whom an eye is speaking and ask a way:"Keep on being such we necessarily could not take how many tonnages, don't know that the domestic can have news?" Yang Du late comes and then is contacting domestic, so taking out telegram the Zu Gui is to the leaf:"The deputy president's meaning BE, the battleship had better be 250,000 tons, if almost 220,000 tons Deven Marrero Authentic Jersey in fine don't can be lower than a method idea all right." "How does that go!"The leaf Zu Gui is also the person of ocean soldier thought, conviction is firmly and at the sea also a battleship to decisive battle behind the day virtuous orchid, say:"I visited British First Lord of the Admiralty yesterday, his meaning that day originally took Anglo-French 60%, was also 315,000 tons.Our taking 250,000 tons of words fully has already differed 60,000!All contain water not to contain lightly carrying of the oil on the whole now, if press this tonnage, will 2 little battleships!2 Nevadas for leasing will return after three years and leave 4 Anne's sea to lightly carry is 110,000, 2 Ao Xiong consociation strength calculate 40,000, can build 3.Is Japanese to have 2 Hanois now, 4 British wars cruise, just, 4 golds 2 handed Domingo Leyba Authentic Jersey mulberry, 2 long door, 14 even if cut 3 we also suffer a los too greatly!" Yang Du doesn't really understand navy, speaks Yang Qiu's suggestion:"The deputy president's meaning BE, 2 Ao Xiongs second-hand warship to 25 years back service, 2 American warships also return and spare of tonnage we build severals by ourselves.As for and margin his meaning of Japan is to turn 60,000 tons to the sail in the mother, ensure to get hold of with the United States English same tonnage.Wanting us to promise fights for an example especially, protect 4s over-standard heavy cruise, allow our country continue to use the 210 mm warship cannon, take guard's brigade in the coast into the sea Jing row or column, avert from be statisticsed into total tonnage of navy inside." Leaf the Zu Gui heart Emilio Bonifacio Authentic Jersey bottom is a bit uncomfortable, Yang Qiu these several years to although navy very aggressive, appropriation support also very good enough, can to war the row warship is always not painful not love, it happened that like to develop the aircraft carrier of side door.Navy inner part to this bad impression, because the aircraft carrier is worth of away below war row warship.As for citizen's guard's brigade and navy separate he is consentient, because of coast line too long, so guard's brigade in the coast needs to construct a big tonnage, can for a long time patroling of continuous sail warship.