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lily Sep 15
war after the revolution in October and allowed an eastern noodles soldier in the Fu Long Zhi's under charge staff officer, mainly is provided eastern intelligence report for Long Zhi of Fu.But Ma Lin more Hyun-Jin Ryu Authentic Jersey enjoy high prestige the framework that the Second International of Europe exercises, he is still that the first notice the party person of Southern Asia, Su the Wei Ai take Southern Asia and now opened from the passage of sea conjunction east, but was unfortunately colonized by Holland discover, be ordered deportation to return to country. 2 people's seeing a second Ci radicle of comfortable rice is particularly happy, the mutual handshake inquires these several years of circumstance and connect to after death take them of the soil is fatty wise at first Jackie Robinson Authentic Jersey two all temporarily cast aside.Soil after death green wood Tong very dissatisfied these Russians of arrogant and have no reason, is about to reprimand angrily to but be pulled:"Need not take care of them." "Big Zuo you!These Russians didn't manage too much." "Forget it.We have a common enemy now."The soil is fatty wise at first two pulled green wood Tong.Does he ever would like to cooperate with Russia again?No matter is Russia or China, strong all have no an advantage to Japans, so having no the one who have farseeing in a Japan would like to cooperate with Sino-Russian, besides everyone also really worries to will be thoughted to permeate.But positive such as farmland iron mountain always describe of so, in the short run Japan already hopeless acquire Asian right of control, the since it is so should actively adjust strategy and with concentration conduct just- come to hand guinea, will to north the route change to to south, only have just can carry out strategy to greatly outflank and attack to China like this, re- take back the active power of Asia in the future a certain time. He pulls green wood Tong:"They should know that who enemy is now.You aren't going to take care of them, as long as it's enough that the parties person has eyes fixed on to tell me their trends." Green wood Tong and the Jeren Kendall Authentic Jersey green wood of his elder brother purely declare similar, is all typical model ground big thought in East Asia, always promote Russia in day to cooperate to farmland iron mountain naturally very dissatisfied, say:"Big Zuo.It is said that the navy wants to tore down 3 battleships to be right?Why to want to promise a British and American ghost dumb?!There is no navy, we return how to deal with China and British and American!Depend these everydays to live in the Russian in the vain world?" The soil is fatty wise Jesen Therrien Authentic Jersey at first two also sighed tone, Washington's navy's treaty didn't get hold of ideal tonnage and made the navy have to tore down 2 just bought back from England, spend ascend 1,000,000 completed to refit of tireless war row cruiser.In order to still keeping outrunning, have to eliminate a Hanoi class war row warship again.However the navy is silently just in case, also used some meanses, fought a great deal of old style row warship and these three battleships all tore down lord the cannon turn into reserve service, so future in case of occupy and then can quickly bear arms. But he feels navy's this smart in small way is getting more overdo, Chinese navy at a stretch get hold of 250,000 ton battleships, certanly will will bring about a constructing of modern style battleship high tide, these old warships stay in the future also can become larger burden, after all Sakhalin oil-field just just started mining.