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lily Sep 15
I am afraid Wei through the Si radicle and Ma Lin and people's party mixs to arrive control Southern Asia and then will be a lot of in the future together and like this complicated."Square Rui of this Tom Koehler Authentic Jersey calculates to let Chen Hao Hui also secretly Nao head, in those early years since the mainland defeated, people party beard man the people, Chen Jyong Ming all escaped as far as Southern Asia, chapter too burning stayed with Wang Jing Wei at domestic.These years pour in Southern Asia also vivid, lend the threatening force of "contend for being Chinese people the biggest opposition party, direct republican" to still ran over country agency a head of unclearly. But he realizes Yang Qiu's temper, doing not arrive ten thousand against will can't move people's party and Republican party, so want a way:"Keep watch on, really be like you say of, that doesn't also blame me Don't mention it." The square Rui point nods, is about to leave to suddenly think of a matter, say:"To, the gold wench allows me to tell you piece matter, she says that she doesn't dare to say with you." The gold wench Tony Cingrani Authentic Jersey is a gold wall Hui, eight years with Chen Hao Hui depend on each other for life up to now, so hear her Chen Hao Hui also peep out a gentle and soft smile, say with smile:"This wench again what Sou idea?Still make want you this safe bureau chief Ju horse?" The square the Rui Nao Nao between the eyebrows just says:"The gold wench registered for examination Chengdu military school." "Go to a military school and still have what ashamed of, she isn't the first woman of military advance school again.There are there specialized medical treatment and communication section in Chengdu, Tony Watson Authentic Jersey can go in also quite good."Chen Hao Hui didn't notice, thought gold wall the Hui is going to the military school read medical treatment or communication specialty.The square Rui sees him still not understand, simply keep saying:"What she choose is an intelligence report section." On trembling, Chen Hao Hui's hand's just- taken out smoke slowly slide at ground up. The square Rui is also in distress situation, how also had never thoughted in those early years introverted bond maid to incredibly choose to register for examination a military school, also need to attend an intelligence report section this calculate brother and sister's deep love? Two members with big intelligence report are made gain and loss absolute being by a bond maid become speechless, inside the opposite Ministry of Foreign Affairs of add to pull rare finally got hold of Travis Taijeron Authentic Jersey good news, six advertise for Xiang to formally represent Chinese government to promise to allow the food that the Soviets purchases to be in transit, but all transport under guard works have to be been responsible for by citizen's guard's brigade, and have to have local Chinese companies to appear publicly to be responsible for a transport, Soviets is responsible for the expenses waded. Get adding of good news to pull rare never stop for a moment develop news Moscow, request to immediately organize dobbin to transport food brigade to pull stem to reach to wait for in the card, oneself then employs seven 10000 of the whole world shipping company, going to Vietnam will pass French the poor party purchases to 100,000 ton foods to transport highest sea, train returns to country from here.