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lily Sep 15
Yang Qiu far and far looking at him could not say is admire or sad, admire axe of purpose he very clear, Germany can not develop navy again, so he wants to use this way reserves for Germany navy's seed, Jack Lambert Youth Jersey come to R.O.C for several years at his establish under have several hundreds of German navy engineers and back the service navy's military officer to arrive at here around.But the whole Lai the bacterium orchid plan medium have already had the compromise of more than 20,000 Germanies.After all German domestic will have a great deal of worker and technique loss of talented people every day now, with it allow them neglected be free from stipulation, also rather deliver China to gather to put together. Lai bacterium orchid's planning influence is profound and basically can not see clearly from the surface, but actually have already gone deep into each profession of republic.From the first Shanghai refrigerator factory, arrive the gram of Chongqing the Lu adviser regiment of technique uncle, reform chemical engineering in Hunan from the spinning machine, arrive from the large oil tanker James Conner Youth Jersey is developing of internal combustion engine car etc., almost each profession contains these people's shadow.After four years of effort, at those Lai bacterium the orchid plan diligent in the navy- related technical personnel and the engineer under, finally change into 2 to hang full ensign, whole body lead gray pack of warship. The island class in Taiwan weighs cruiser and river class light cruiser in diagram door. Say according to the words of future generations, Yang Qiu is typical model ground small white to navy, so when German engineer takes photo to keep as memory in succession on all sides, haven't understood James Harrison Youth Jersey these two"pirate edition" warships brought world much impact, particularly is island class in Taiwan heavy cruiser, is more direct for the world stand erect to have template of weighing the cruiser in the future. Island class in Taiwan the heavy cruiser is one of the core that 1920 navy plans and total 4.Is Taiwan island, Davao Islands, Sakhalin and Chong respectively clear island.Adopt Chiang-Nan factory self product of boiler and the impulse type steam round machine, the biggest sail soon 31 sections, continuous sail dint 15 sections/9500 nautical miles.The long Shou building ship type outside floats warship Shou in Atlantic and adopts four stalks four oars, the standard displacement is 13000 tons, load down 16000 tons.Is 3 three allied pack to imitate a gram of Lu of the warship Jarvis Jones Youth Jersey cannon of 210 mms uncle/L55, front two empresses one carry on the back type deployment, 4 pairs unite a 120 mms/L56 to soon shoot pair cannon, 6 pairs unite 40 millimeters to soon shoot antiair cannon, 8 pairs to unite 25 millimeters of organization cannon, another can take 2 hydroplanes. River class light cruiser in diagram door totals 8.It is river in the diagram door, the duck aroma river of green river, Heilongjiang, loose flower river and Liao river, Hun river and Sui and delicate river respectively.The standard displacement is 7200 tons, load down 8800 tons, the biggest sail soon 33 sections, continuous sail dint 15 sections/6500 nautical miles.The ship type is similar to island class in Taiwan.